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  • Inspection of Grains
    Since it's establishment UIS have inspected a whole range of Food & Feed Stuff, Fruit and Vegetables commodities all over the world.
  • Turn Key Projects
  • Industrial & Machinery
    Inspection Test Plan: for Industrial and machinery products to approve that all good as per contractual standards..
  • Medical Devices
    Medical equipments and devices UIS can assure the the inspected goods are according to the standards.
  • Petroleum products
    Petroleum products include transportation fuels, fuel oils , Lubricants, Gases ..etc
  • Electrical Equipments
    Visual and Dimensional Inspection Visually checks goods for appearance, and physical defects; such as rust or damage, etc.
  • Container Inspection

   UIS is certified as per:

         - Requirements of ISO 9001/2008 (Q M S) since 2001

           - UIS is accredited as an independent third party Type A inspection body as per:

           - Requirements of ISO 17020/2012 in:

       Quality of Food and Feed .

Pre-Shipment Inspection of Industrial & Manufactured Products and

     Petroleum Products .

 UIS is a Member of:

     - International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA)

             - Grain & Feed Trade Association (GAFTA)

             -  Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations Ltd (FOSFA)







Our Services

Chemical Products

     Available Services:

    -    Pre Shipment inspection of quality and weight
-    Draft Survey
-    Inspection during loading and discharging
-    Attendance at stuffing and stuffing off of containers
-    Sampling for laboratory analysis
-    Testing
 Products for inspection:
    -     Metals: Tin, Aluminum, zinc and lead ingots
-     Alloys: roll steel, steel plate, steel bar, pig iron
-     Silicas and chemicals, fertilizers
-     Pharmaceutical products
-     Construction materials: marble, cement, gypsum, clinker, glass


Damage Survey

  Damage Survey

UIS Inspectors capable of performing a survey for various damaged products 

and containers in order to determine the cause of damage, type of damage, .....etc




Draft Survey

Draft Survey

Draft survey use to be carried out on bulk cargo and normaly done according to the request of
seller, buyer , charterer, shipowner, P&I club, superintending company …..etc.
draft survey normally done to determine cargo loaded on the vessel by checking all necessary
calculations prior laoding and the same calculations af at the the discharging port to confirm the
quantity discharged.
UIS  can surely calculate the Draft Survey by its inspectors or by Sub-Contactors.




Electrical & Electronics

An inspection program is agreed upon prior to inspection, loading and shipping.

Documents Review

Check test result records of routine and daily analysis and tests done by quality control personnel at production facilities on each batch or lot of the product.
Review records and certificates for calibration of the instruments & devices used for testing, measuring or weighing to assure their accuracy.
Obtain technical specifications and certificates of components and materials.
Obtain records and certificates of ‘Type Test’ of relevant products as well as technical information of relevant models.               

Visual and Dimensional Inspection

Visually checks goods for appearance, newness, and physical defects; such as rust or damage, etc.
Packaging  check (wrap, insulation handling etc.) All markings are hecked as well.
Items or representative sample (as per the inspection plan) is checked for quality, dimensions, per unit weight, etc.  Such parameters represent vital importance to many electric and electronic goods such as cables, lighting equipment, control panels, diesel generators, OHL conductors, TV tubes, electric poles and insulators…. etc.


Sampling & Testing

Random sampling of product is conducted according the agreed contract standards (if mentioned) or to any applicable National and / or International Standards and inspection plan.
Other check such as earthing system, class of insulation, protection, name plate data….etc. 

Food & Feed


 Food & Feed

UIS have inspected a whole range of Food & Feed Stuff, Fruits and Vegetables commodities all over the world. Cereals (Wheat for bread making, Durum Wheat, Barley, Corn, Rice, Soya Bean etc…), Wheat Flour, Durum Wheat Flour, Semolina, Rice, Milk and its products, Vegetable Oils (Olive, Corn, Sunflower, etc…), Legumes, Special Foods (Baby Food, Diabetes, etc…), Frozen Meat and Fish, Tomato Paste, Tuna packed and raw material, Animal Feed Additives and vitamins and Animal Feeds (Broiler, layer, dairy cows mixed feed, Fish Meal, Meat meal, etc….).



Industerial & Machinery

Industerial & Machinery




Medical Equipments

Medical Equipments:

 UIS capable of doing inspection on medical equipments, Medicines and devices by its inspectors or

sub-contractors using approved procedures to make sure that the quantities subject to inspection are

as per the contractual specifications and/or international standards.

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Petroleum Products

 Petroleum Products

Petroleum products include transportation fuels, fuel oils , Lubricants, Gases ..etc