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  • testing
    Inspection Test Plan: for Industrial and machinery products to approve that all good as per contractual standards..
  • visual
    Petroleum products include transportation fuels, fuel oils , Lubricants, Gases ..etc
  • Since it's establishment UIS have inspected a whole range of Food & Feed Stuff, Fruit and Vegetables commodities all over the world.
  • Medical equipments and devices UIS can assure the the inspected goods are according to the standards.
  • Visual and Dimensional Inspection Visually checks goods for appearance, and physical defects; such as rust or damage, etc.

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    Products for inspection:

 -     Supervision before and during loading and discharging
 -     Tallying services
 -      Draft Survey and measurement
 -      Quantity inspection of liquid cargo
 -      Damaged cargo survey, damage and repair survey on ship hull,
 -      Cleanliness of hold, ship’s hold suitability survey
 -      Temperature determination
 -      Hold’s capacity determination
 -      Sealing and unsealing
 -      Loading stowage survey, towing, stuffed to / stuffed off and intact seal container survey
 -      Survey and approval of towage and stowage, lashing, seaworthiness condition
 -      Gas free survey, tank coatings, corrosion survey, inspection